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Please VOTE to help Hannah's Hope Fund!

**Thank you FLY92.3 listeners for voting to help Hannah's Hope Fund and thank you Marissa for posting the information!**


Please help us help Hannah! We are currently ranked #3 and only the top 2 will receive the funding! We only have until August 31st so please VOTE daily 3 ways (see below) until then. Please forward this information to everyone you know. Thank you so much. Dania


Here's a message from Hannah's parents whom we met through a mutual friend:

  Hannah's Hope Fund is up for voting for a $250k Pepsi Refresh Grant.  Hannah is going into first grade at Tesago.  We are on target to begin a clinical trial in the Fall of 2011 to treat these children with gene therapy. Without treatment, they will progress and die in their teens or early 20's after becoming quadriplegics, dependent on feeding tubes and ventilators.  This money will go toward paying for the FDA required efficacy and safety studies in order to gain approval to begin a human clinical trial.  Will you forward to your members?  see below.  With deep appreciation, Lori and Matt Sames 



We are competing against the other $250k applicants because only the top two applicants in this funding category that get the most votes, get the funding!  So, please only vote for Hannah's Hope Fund in the $250k category. Get your kids voting too!  College friends, former co-workers and neighbors, old high school friends, book clubs, girl and boy scout troops, baseball teams etc. Ask veryone you can think of and also ask that they post it to their facebook. 


You can vote 3 ways each day: 


1) vote daily by texting to contact # 73774 (stands for pepsi), then send message 101885 (stands for Hannah's Hope Fund)  No additional charge to text - it's whatever your text plan is.


2) vote daily on-line at with every valid email account you have, work, personal etc. After you press the 'VOTE FOR THIS IDEA' button, click the little facebook icon to establish a link to your facebook account.


3) After you've finished voting in step 2 above, and after establishing the facebook link as described in step 2 above, click the 'sign-out' link on bottom left.  Then, click 'sign-in' button, and press the blue 'LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK' button on top left.  Then, click 'BROWSE IDEAS & VOTE' button on right.  On the top right of the pepsi screen where the magnifine glass is, type Hannah's Hope Fund in the search field. Vote again! 


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