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Wednesday Q & A - Blog Candy - How to store ink pads and re-ink them?

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Okay, I'm a day late but you know what they say.... Today's winner of the Blog Candy - Love Bug Set is Janice Comley. Janice asked the questions:

How should we store our ink pads and how do we re-ink them?

For the first part of your question, you should always store Stampin' Up! ink pads flat and right side up on a level surface. If you store them on their side, the ink could run to one end and you may have a mess on your hands. With the unique design of the pad and the way it rotates open, the actual ink pad inside is stored upside down so it does keep the ink fresh on the top of the pad automatically.

In my opinion the Color Caddy is the best way to store your ink pads and to be able to have easy access to them and to save on space. Plus they are portable and can be picked up and moved to a different room if need be for a big project you are working on. 

For the second part of your question. Having an ink refill on hand for all your ink pads is crucial. You don't want to plan a project and then find out the ink pad is a little light for the effect you want. Reinking your pads couldn't be easier. You just open the bottle and starting at one end of your pad, squeeze the bottle and move it side to side until you've covered the pad completely. If necessary, you can rotate your pad a 1/4 turn and repeat the process in the opposite direction. That's it, couldn't be easier! 

Post your questions to be answered next week as a comment on this post! All the questions will go into a drawing and I will randomly pick a question to answer and feature on the Wednesday Q & A post and you will win the blog candy- Patterned Pines hostess set.

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Thanks Dania, I was concerned I was not completely covering the ink pad... but if you go over it a few times- that must do the job.
Oh, I also asked about remounting stamps and converting to clear mounts on last Wednesday's post. I hope this is okay.
~Thanks for the Love Bugs too.

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